July 29, 2014

Back at it… Day 2, cycle 1

Had to restart the diet. The last year and a half of my life have been so over the top stressful that I had gained back 18 lbs of the 25 lbs that I had previously lost on the 17 day diet. I started yesterday. My best friend is doing it with me. We started on the same day this time which was nice. Usually she is lagging and is a week behind me. 

Food Diary for Day 1

Kefir fruit smoothie with Stevie and 1 tsp honey (yes, I know it isn’t on the list but I have done it every other time I have been on the diet and it’s been ok).

2 hard boiled eggs

salad w/ mixed dark greens, cucumber, tomato, and balsamic dressing

chicken breast w/ roast cauliflower, garlic, tomato, and mushrooms

1 venti iced green tea w/ stevia

4-5 bottles of dasani water (lost count at the end of the day)

Starting weight: 161.9

weight on day 2: 159

didn’t do measurements yesterday…will do them today.

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Stretches that improve different aspects of your body.

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Seeing Cate Blanchett give a handjob to that statue was the highlight of the SAG awards.

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healthy weight loss blog! lets do this together!!

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This is how they do casual Friday at my Starbucks.

July 17, 2013

cycle 1, day 17

I haven’t been able to get past 6 lbs lost this time and it is really starting to piss me off. Today is the last day of cycle 1 and I am hoping that the cycle 2 “confusion” will kick things in gear. So frustrating. I need to get another 10 down to be at my last low point. I would like to go at least 5 more than that though before my reunion. I have really been lagging on exercising and I am pretty sure that is a big factor in being stuck too.

July 7, 2013

Cycle 1 day 7

Down 6lbs so far. Been holding steady with the diet. Gradually getting less hungry. 41 days til the reunion. Very happy that our summer vacation up north will be right when we head into cycle 3 instead of the beginning of cycle 2 like last summer. That was a rough trip. I gained back half of what I had lost and had to go back to cycle 1 for a week. At least I should be pretty well down to my goal weight by then and will have an extra week between the end of the vacation and the reunion to go back to cycle 1 if need be. I would really like to hit a size six by then. I am an 8/10 now depending on the clothing. I’ve got this amazing little black velvet burnout dress that I bought a million years ago and swore someday I would fit into. I was able to fit into it when I hit my smallest point last year. I think it should be quite comfy after this go around.

July 3, 2013   1 note

cycle 1, day 2 restart

down 2.2 lbs


veggie omelette with fat free cheese

2 yogurts

1 apple

spinach/chicken salad w/ balsalmic vinegar/olive oil dressing

chicken w/ hot sauce

italian green beans

rode stationary bike 20 min yesterday and today

reunion countdown: 45 days

July 1, 2013   2 notes

Back on the wagon ;-)

My 20 year reunion is in 6 weeks so today I am back on the 17 day diet so I can be lean and mean for it. 

What I ate today:

2 greek yogurts 

2 apples

1 chicken breast



green tea

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Want to work out with a buddy? Try some of these exercises:

  1. Handclap plank - both starting off on the ground, raise yourselves up with one arm and slap hands, alternating each time.
  2. V-sit side touch & pass - never declining and holding the v sit, twist and touch both sides and then pass the mediball off to your partner. Both must always twist and touch.
  3. Mediball crunch - get your partner to stand over you and lock your feet into their legs. Crunch up, pass the mediball to them and come back down, then crunch up and grab the mediball again, repeat. 
  4. Crunch & stand - Crunch and using your core stand up, throw two punches when you reach the top, then lower yourself back down. Make sure your partner gives you a slight pull on your legs when you’re coming up!

Have fun with these!

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